Investigation shows man killed during struggle with police

Posted at 8:08 AM, Jul 21, 2017

A preliminary investigation shows a man arrested for suspicion of drunken driving in mid-Michigan was fatally shot during a struggle with officers.

State police Sgt. Duane Zook says in a release Thursday that 38-year-old Farhad Jabbari died at the scene Wednesday in Saginaw Township.

It hasn't been determined which officer shot Jabbari or how one officer was shot in the arm. The other officer suffered facial injuries from the struggle.

Zook says Jabbari was placed in the rear of a patrol car after his arrest, but the arresting officer noticed he "was making movements ... that were not typical of a person who is handcuffed."

A second officer arrived and attempts were made to restrain Jabbari.

Investigating officers arrived and saw only one of Jabbari's wrists was handcuffed.