Ingham Township fire chief's funeral held in Dansville

Posted at 1:29 PM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 16:58:29-04

Delhi Charter Township Fire Chief Brian Ball was in tears after Tim Whipple's funeral today. A funeral that marked the end of Whipple's duty as a firefighter with the ring of a bell.

Whipple was described as loud and boisterous, always telling jokes, and a caring man. A personality that was mirrored in Saturday's service.

"He was very boisterous, he had a great sense of humor," says Ball, "everything he did was... to make you smile because he wanted everybody around him to be as happy as he was."

The service was full of stories about his endeavors, with many laughs and tears from those in attendance.

Whipple had served in the department for 35 years, and almost a decade as fire chief. He's survived by his wife and two sons, who are both members of the fire department. And they will help carry on his legacy.

"His legacy, he would want to make sure people knew how much he cared," says Ball. "That he did the right thing, and that he would want everybody else to make sure that they did the right thing as well."

And Ball says his legacy will last in the department for a long time.