Ingham County Treasurer addresses hand written check concerns

Posted at 7:17 AM, Aug 23, 2017

The Board of Commissioners said he's been handwriting checks out of a $354,000 grant from the federal government.

It is supposed to be used to improve low income housing in the county.

"When checks are handwritten and no one knows whether that counts been reconciled, if there’s money in the accounts and the checks are written and nobody is asking if there is money in those accounts, and they we find out those accounts haven't been balanced, that's a concern," Robin Naeyaert said.

Now the county is scrambling to get a handle on what’s been spent and what’s left of the grant.

At a meeting Tuesday night, the board asked Schertzing for a full report by September first on the spending in any and all accounts excluded from the 2017 county budget.

Before the Board of Commissioners meeting he told us he thought he was supposed to hand write the checks.

After, Schertzing admitted audits have turned up some issues, and he's working to iron them out.