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"I was really hurt" fans disappointed over MSU bowl loss

Posted: 7:12 AM, Jan 02, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-02 12:23:20Z
MSU fan

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The Spartans traveled to California in hopes of salvaging an underwhelming season by beating the Oregon Ducks.

However, Monday's outcome was different than expected, and it has fans feeling pretty disappointed.

FOX 47 News's Alani Letang talked with the Spartan die-hards Tuesday.

"I came up, I live in Livonia so I drove up and hung out with her. We are big football fans and we were excited to watch it," said Casey Baldwin, who came to campus to watch the game with a friend.

The Red Box Game was held in Santa Clara, California. Many fans joined the Spartans in California but some stayed home.

"It's my first bowl game. Last year I couldn't watch it so I was so excited to watch it, I wanted to go out," said Savannah Adler, MSU student. Baldwin and Adler told News 10 the weather kept them indoors Monday night.

This wasn't Baldwin's first game, she said, "I've watched others so this wasn't my first but it was fun to watch. It's always fun watching Michigan State, fun going here and being a part of it all."

Unfortunately, the Spartans left defeated by Oregon with a final score of 6-7.

"It had its ups and down, but I think we tried our best. And you never know with stuff like that and you never know with the other team," said Adler.

Baldwin added, "our defense did hold up but our offense just couldn't put it together at the end."

Even the most dedicated Spartan fans didn't get a chance to watch the game, but they did tell us how they felt about it.

"I was hurt, I was really hurt. I knew we were destined for failure because after Rutgers. We almost lost to Rutgers," said Binyah Howard, MSU student.

MSU student Binyah Howard told News 10 that he does have faith in his Spartans, just this year with the team's injuries the outcome didn't look promising to him.

"Next year, undefeated. We're taking Michigan down, we're taking Ohio State down, we're taking Rutgers down, we are taking everybody down. Win the Big Ten championship for sure," said Howard.

The Spartans are expected to return back to campus Tuesday evening. With a 7-6 record, this marks the 10th winning season for MSU in 12 seasons under Mark Dantonio. Coach Dantonio is 5-6 in bowl games with the Spartans.