Hydrating During Festivals

Posted: 11:37 AM, Jun 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-18 12:53:03Z

There are several major outdoor festivals happening this weekend. The organizers of those events have been scrambling to make sure people stay cool. They are asking people to drink water before they come, and when you get to the festival, drink more of it. Doctors tell me staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do to stay safe in the heat.

"We are taking some precautions, a lot more tents are coming," said Marilyn Plummer.

"We have a water station and today we went to buy sprinklers," said Paul Starr.

"We are going to have some water on hand just in case of emergency," Leigha Faith.

Drinking only a few cups of water won't cut it. Doctor Kimberly Ploehn tells me you need to drink around six to ten glasses on a hot day to be on the safe side.

"You might want to get like a water bottle and fill it up and drink that through the day," Kimberly Ploehn, MD.

And hydrating is especially important if you plan on drinking alcohol.
Doctor Ploehn recommends avoiding it at these temperatures, but if you're going to drink a beer.

"Try to have two glasses of water to make up for it, if you are out in heat like this," said Ploehn.

Marilyn Plummer, organizer of Juneteenth says they are taking precautions and moving a lot of their activities around, so people have less exposure to the sun.

"A lot of the activities that require a lot of physical activity are happening earlier in the day or the later part of the day," said Plummer.

Physical activity will add to your dehydration. Checking to see if your urine is dark yellow or brown is one of the many ways Doctor Ploehn says you can tell if you are dehydrated.

"Your mouth will feel dry, you'll feel kinda thirsty, you might get dizzy, or lightheaded," said Ploehn.

Whether you decide to go to the Lansing Beer Fest, Juneteenth, or the Michigan Pride festival. Find shady spots, wear hats or visors, and most of all stay hydrated.