How to react to an active shooting

News of the tragedy in Florida has many parents on edge wondering what they and their children should do if a similar situation happened here at home.

Do you know how to react if the unthinkable happens?

Although hiding might be your first reaction experts say that could be one of the worst things you can do.

"We don't want to give people information that puts them in greater harms-way”, says Lansing Fire Chief of Training Teresa Robinson.

“We want people to get information that's going to help increase their survivability."

That's where the ALICE plan of action comes in; alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

Chief Robison says the ALICE method can help you be empowered and minimize the chances of injury.

The 21-year- veteran says it all starts with the alert.

This refers to the first notification that danger is present.

"An alert is for the purpose of notifying people that there's a hazard there."

Next, there's the lockdown.

This option gives you time to secure the area and prepare to take action.

Another important key is to inform.

This is real time information on the location of the shooter.

"So if I know the danger is in the front part of the building I know everybody is the back part can get out to get away from that danger instead of sitting there and waiting for the danger to come to them."

If you find yourself in the same room or area as the shooter Chief Robison says you should counter the situation and create distractions to make it difficult for the assailant to have an accurate shot.

"So if we throw things, we scream, you know it's really going to disrupt that individual and give us just enough time and just run, as fast as you can."

Now you're at the point of evacuation, where you run and never turn back.

"We're gonna create that disruption, we're gonna book out that door.we're gonna get down that hallway and keep running and not stop until we're outside this building and that's what you wanna do,” Robinson continued.

Chief Robinson says if there's a shooting at your child's school don't go to the school to try and find your child.

Instead, call police and find out where you can pick them up once they've been evacuated.