How to move on from this election

Posted at 7:51 AM, Nov 10, 2016

Despite winning the popular vote, Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College to Donald Trump. It brought an end to one of the ugliest and most divisive presidential elections we've seen.

But how will our county move on?

“I think a lot of change is needed in this country but I don't think we know what sort of change is coming,” said Mark Gibson who voted in this year’s election.

A topic on the minds of many at Strange Matter Coffee in Lansing was that very question.

“We really need to focus on hearing each other and understand that we're all human beings,” said Emily Dryzga. “How do we bring community back together and listen and make sure everyone is heard?”

Republicans taking back the white house is all part of a pattern, according to Michigan State University political expert Matt Grossmann.

“I wouldn't be thinking that we are in a long term never changing realignment,” said Grossman. “It was true in 2008 when Obama won by a much larger margin and won the popular vote as well.

“It was clearly not a fundamental realignment, It was one election and it can swing back and forth,” said Grossmann.

With a historical race for president in the books, the focus now remains on what the future has in store.

“I just hope that people can take a step back and realize what we stand for,” said one woman at Cheesesteak Philly in Lansing. “I think deep down everyone wants the same thing and we can't get there divided like this.”

Grossman says we’ll be tested as a country. The first will happen in the next few months when Trump begins filling positions within his administration.