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Hospice center theft in Mid-Michigan

Posted at 7:49 AM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 07:49:19-05

Someone is stealing from Mid-Michigan's most vulnerable, a hospice center.

People told FOX 47 it's a senseless and selfish act, and they hope some justice will come of it.

"Unfortunately, I think that they were only thinking about themselves and they weren't thinking about the families that could be affected by something like this," Ashley Scroll, who has used Eaton Community Hospice in the past.

Ashley Schroll has had relatives spend their final days at Eaton Community Palliative Care and she said the donations are well used.

"They provide services where they can lend out shower chairs, wheelchairs and things like that to those who need them free of cost. I've seen them use those items to help provide for family members of my own," said Schroll.

Police started investigating the larceny at the hospice center in mid-October.

"I think taking regardless or stealing, it affects a lot of people, it's not just yourself, it's not just the person who donated the item, who could've received the item, low-income families or families that are struggling with any type of financial issues. You're taking away from families like that," said Schroll.

Schroll is hoping the thief has some sense of decency and returns the stolen items.

"I hope they come forward, they realize they've made a mistake. Things can be fixed but you have to step forward and say, 'hey, I made a mistake.' And I know that hospice, they have such a giving heart and they would want to see them step forward," said Schroll.

Eaton County Sheriff's Office told FOX 47 the investigation is done and will be headed to the prosecutor's office. They aren't telling who the suspect is, but they're asking for that person to be charged with larceny.

We're working to get some information about the suspect and the investigation.

We'll keep you updated.