Holt High School students taking distracted driving pledge

Posted at 8:58 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 20:58:06-04

 More and more traffic deaths are being blamed on distracted driving.

Holt High School students took a pledge Wednesday to stay focused behind the wheel, an effort to help change the trend.

“We partnered with Verizon Wireless and the Michigan State Police to really emphasize the impact that distracted driving and destructive decision making can have on a community, a student body, and a school system,” said Holt Public School Superintendent David Hornak.

It's not just cell phones students pledged to avoid, it's other distractions as well.

“Having multiple people in your car, not paying attention to what you're doing, reaching down for something that you dropped, or even looking down when your cell phone makes a buzzing noise because you got a text,” said Captain Chris Kelenske from the Michigan State Police.

No one understands the consequences distracted driving has more than Kelenske, as he’s been the one to deliver the devastating news.

“It’s something no law enforcement officer ever wants to deliver especially when it’s a young child who still has all these years left to fulfill their dreams and finish up their future,” said Kelenske.

For students avoiding distractions can be an easy task, but speaking up in the car with other friends can be the biggest challenge.

“I would just mention something to them, ‘You're putting my life in your hands, you're putting at risk your own lives and other people’s lives,’” said Linley Lounds, a Holt High School Senior. “It’s just not worth it.”

The pledges will be posted through school to serve as a reminder for time to come.

“I certainly hope it’s not going to take an accident to wake people up,” said Hornak. “I hope that through education and consistent and constant communication regarding this issue that we will all make a difference.”

Click here for a list of apps the Department of Motor Vehicles suggests can help you avoid distracted driving.