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Holt family fosters 17 children in five years

Posted at 8:05 AM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 08:05:41-05

The Rocheleau family in Holt has welcomed 17 foster children into their home over the past five years.

They have done all of this even while David Rocheleau has been deployed overseas. He is currently deployed in South Korea.

Beverly Rocheleau says that even though her husband is not always home because of deployments having Foster Children is still worth it.

The Rocheleau's have always wanted to be foster parents.

"We have a big enough house. We have enough room so we decided to start the process and become foster parents. It was always something that I guess we were kind of drawn to", said Rocheleau.

Rocheleau also says that having foster children in her home has helped her children to become more empathetic people.

"My children have had their eyes widened to some of the things that I guess we've kind of sheltered them from. They never realized how much abuse there really was in the world so that has opened their eyes. They've become more sympathetic and empathetic children".

She says it can be heartbreaking when the foster children leave her home but the experience is still worth it.

"To see the love just shine through them and know they're safe and they're cared for and they have food and they have shelter and they have clothing and they know that they're being taken care of it just opens your heart. That's what I love to see."

The Rocheleau's even adopted one of their foster children, Joshua.

They also currently have a 12-year-old foster child in their house.

Beverly Rocheleau says that even though it can be challenging she would encourage other people to look into becoming foster parents if they have an interest.