Holland Artist Creates Amazing Public Art In Mason

Posted at 3:46 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 16:15:48-04

Holland based artist Chris Garcia of HTown Ink for the past week has been transforming the side of the iconic Kean's Store Company in Mason, Michigan. 

Teresa Wren of Kean's Store stated to FOX 47 that the inspiration for this project was from visiting Holland, Michigan with her daughter and seeing some of the other buildings that Chris Garcia had created in the past. Immediately Teresa said "I was in love with the work that Chris had done" and from this, she called Chris and he visited the store and came up with the idea.

Even in the evening, Teresa stated that "the artwork seems to glow" and with additional lighting this will only grow.

Kean's Store Company is planning to apply for a local grant with neighbor business BAD Brewing to bring in lighting that will accentuate the artwork even further.

Chris Garcia, the artist, said that "the flowers that you see that are a part of the building design are designed to bring people together. You will see that the flowers are welcoming to everyone. Everyone loves flowers". "When I spoke with Teresa and looked at the shop I found that there was a connection to flowers." He started on buildings because people asked him to create some murals on larger canvases. He was humbled by being asked for the first commissions that he received and it has grown from there.

Chris Garcia said that "seeing this art makes everyone happy". He loves seeing the smiles on everyone's faces and even in the week that he has been in Mason many have come by to talk to him, take pictures and connect with him.

Both Chris and Teresa feel that this new artwork will open up downtown Mason by bringing people together in many ways. There have already been many people that have come by to take pictures of the art, but also taking many selfies too! As Chris Garcia said, "This will be the new happening spot in Mason."

Kean's Store Company is located at 406 S. Jefferson Street in Mason, Michigan and the artwork is on the East side of the building.