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Holiday travel underway, including flights out of the Lansing airport

Posted at 9:08 AM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 09:08:07-05

Millions will be hitting the open road this holiday thanks to cheap gas prices and a strong economy.

Across the country on Wednesday train stations are full of people heading out to start their holiday week.

Many people will be starting out their Thanksgiving travel by flying out of mid-Michigan.

In fact, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is predicting this year will be the busiest Thanksgiving for air travel... ever.

There are a number of flights heading to places like Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit Wednesday morning from the Lansing airport and reportedly, those flights are on time.

People traveling through Lansing say the airport is very convenient.

"Well, we parked in the second row," said Katie Bleil. "It took us five minutes to get through security, you definitely don't have to get here 2 hours ahead of time, which is great."

At the Lansing airport Wednesday morning, FOX 47 News' Brett Collar reported that the line at security was pretty small, but airport officials told him that travelers should still arrive plenty early, so they don't miss their flights.

One thing that is worth keeping a close eye on is the weather, specifically the winds.

Brett Collar says that we've already had wind gusts Wednesday morning over 30 miles per hour and that could make take off or landing at the airport a little bumpy.

This on a day in which 54 million people are expected to travel either by air or on the roads, which experts say is the largest number in nearly 15 years and TSA officials say they're ready for the big day.

"We will have additional transportation security officers at the beginning of the lanes to help people who might not be frequent travelers," said David Pekoske, a TSA Administrator.