Hillary Clinton visits Detroit, urges supporters to vote

Posted at 5:57 AM, Nov 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-05 06:56:39-04

Hundreds of people packed Downtown Detroit's Eastern Market, and hundreds more couldn't get a spot inside.

Hillary Clinton drew a huge crowd.

"Now are you ready to vote on Tuesday? Are you ready to volunteer to get everybody out to vote? Are you ready to choose our next President and Commander and Chief?" the presidential candidate asked the crowd, who responded in cheers.

She focused on convincing people who already support her to make it to the polls. Supporters say it's a good move in this state. "Apparently Michigan is a very important state that she must hold on to, it's about the electoral college right now we need to get everybody out to vote, everybody vote and more Democrats will be elected," Michael Jonas, who supports Clinton, but was not able to make it inside to see the speech before the venue was full, said.

Clinton has consistently polled at least a couple of points above Trump in Michigan, and a WDIV poll taken in September found support for Trump was at zero percent in Detroit. "I'm so excited because we cannot, we cannot let Donald Trump win, especially in Michigan, this is a democratic state," Linda Kevorkian said outside the rally.

Clinton painted two pictures for the crowd, one of a country with Trump in its highest office, and one in which she is elected. "It was effective, I'm happy that there were so many people here that we couldn't get in because the more people that are here, the more people will vote, and for Democrats, that's a good thing," Kevorkian said.

"It's more critical than ever right now we just get out and vote right?" Jonas said.