Helping Kids Cope With School Threats

Even a false threat that causes a lockdown or evacuation can be traumatizing for a child. FOX 47's Marcus Dash has some advice to help parents deal with it. I talked to one expert today who tells me that parents can help by learning how to identify warning signs in their children's behavior He says the main ones should be easy to see.

"If there is like intense anxiety that is lasting for weeks or if there are intense bouts of depression any sort of changes that last for a period of time," said Travis Johnson.

Therapist Travis Johnson tells me dealing with school threats can impact children in different ways.
It's up to parents to help their kids feel secure enough to talk with them when they are feeling this way.

"They can be a resource if their kids have questions be open and kids can ask them about anything that's on their mind," said Travis Johnson.

It doesn't even have to be a threat at their own school. Watching TV coverage of an actual shooting can be traumatic because kids don't have the tools to understand what they are seeing. 

This woman chooses to avoid the topic because she doesn't want her grandchild going to school scared.