Helping heroes who serve our community

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jun 07, 2016

Heroes are among us at every turn. Teachers, veterans, police officers, EMTs and firefighters. Sometimes, these individuals can find themselves facing a financial struggle when it comes time to look for a new home. That is why Homes for Heroes has come to the greater Lansing area.

Homes for Heroes is a national organization where individuals who fall under a certain criteria, can get money off on the purchase of a home. Brooks Warner with Preview Properties, and Joseph White with VanDyk Mortgage, teamed with Home for Heroes to bring this program to the area.

For both Warner and White, helping local veterans and those who serve our communities, is important. Warner served 9 years in the Marine Corps, and White's family has a service history with police and military.

"When I transitioned [to civilian life] I wanted to come up with a way to work with the people I felt close to through my past," said Warner. "We both have personal reasons for this program... it is such a cool program. It is one of those rare win-win deals."

To learn more about Homes for Heroes, visit their website here. You can also reach out to Warner at, 517-331-2017 or White at, 517-699-1600.