Heated utility customers vs. Consumers Energy

Posted at 7:21 AM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 10:07:43-05

Customers with Consumers Energy are upset about Smart Meters, especially David Lonier.

"There's so many issues, there's privacy, there's fires, there's health...these are the reasons people do not want the new technology," he explained.

However, those aren't the complaints state lawmakers are working on. They held a second hearing Tuesday on a bill banning utilities from handing out opt-out fees.

Consumers Energy and D-T-E charge customers around $70.00 upfront and nearly $10.00 a month to keep their old meters.

Some of those customers testified before the Energy Policy Committee.

State Representative Gary Glenn is the chairman for the House Energy Policy Committee. He said the utility company is the only one to oppose his bill.