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Hands-on science lessons encourage local students

Posted: 9:17 AM, May 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-18 13:17:10Z

A biology teacher at Lansing's Sexton High School has a love of science that is contagious among her students.

FOX 47's Lora Painter talks with the teacher and her students in their science classroom. After months of planning, Maureen McDiarmid's award-winning teaching idea is taking flight, thanks to a grant from Voya and resources from Michigan State University. Her interactive approach gets her students excited about the living things around them by allowing them hands-on experiences, experiements, and an in-person look at what careers in different science field could be like.

Maureen McDiarmid, teacher at Sexton H.S, said, "It's really critical in problem solving skills today. Students are not always given as many hands on expericnes as we would have liked in days gone by, so this gives them the opportunity to actually try things out, and learn directly, and then that way it impacts their lifelong future. Most of the time if you ask a kid what they remember doing in high school, they're not gonna tell you a whole lot, but if they remember that they disected a frog, or if they grew corn plants, that's gonna be a memory that sticks with them for life, and hopefully gears them towards a science career."