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Gym members waiting to return after Conquest Fitness closes for COVID-19

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 17:20:16-04

DEWITT TOWNSHIP, MI (WSYM) - — Conquest Fitness isn't letting anyone inside after an employee tested positive for COVID -19.

The employee worked at the DeWitt Township location, but the Bath Township location is also closed.

Conquest was open for workouts Monday, which was still before they were allowed.

Owner Andre Hutson said he was on Governor Gretchen Whitmer's task force to open gyms.

With that experience he felt he was able to develop a plan and was ready to open.

"We were prepared to open. We have worked pretty diligently over the last three months," said Hutson.

But members like Kyle Bennett are still waiting.

"The opening didn't impact my decision whether or not to go to the gym at all. I had already planned on waiting for at least several weeks," said Bennett.

Mid-Michigan District Health Department spokeswoman Leslie Kinnee said that's the right move.

"In order to try to avoid that second wave, that nobody wants, it is important to just follow the governor's Mi Safe Start plan," she said.

Several gyms have been fighting to reopen without waiting for Governor Whitmer's approval.

A week ago, a federal judge ruled in their favor, saying they could open Thursday.

But a federal appeals court overruled that order Wednesday night.

"We're all sick of COVID. We need to be a little more patient and try to avoid that second wave," said Kinnee.

Bennett said he hopes other businesses will take note.

"I think the recent news that an employee tested positive I hope gives other local businesses some food for thought," he said.

Kinnee said Conquest contacted the clients of the employee who has COVID -19.

She encourages people who are concerned they might have been exposed to go ahead and get tested.

Conquest Fitness said as part of it's plan, all other employee's were tested Friday.

So far only one person at Conquest is known to have COVID-19.