Group works to make Christmas merry for everyone

Posted at 8:16 AM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 08:16:39-05

Dozens of volunteers at the Magnuson Hotel in Lansing sort through boxes, piles of clothes, and organize winter gear for the hundreds of less fortunate families waiting outside.

"Too often just like everyone else I get wrapped up in my own life and forget that it's a much bigger global community that needs our help," said Lisa Kingsbury.

For Mike Karl, he can't turn his back on the growing homeless population. And that's why he founded the Homeless Angels.

"It was rough, I was a severe alcoholic. Nobody really knew about it. I kept it to myself," Karl said. "Other than smelling it on my breath, you'd never know that I was homeless."

For six months Karl had nowhere to call home. He was moving from shelter to shelter until he had help.

"They put me in a hotel. They got me back where I needed to be. Got me to the services that would help me," said Karl.

As soon as he landed back on his feet., he made it his mission to give back.

A promise he's kept. Offering free donated clothes, a meal, and blankets. Items hundreds of people lined up hours for, including Ebony Redmond.

"It's important like in my time of need right now. I've been out of work for almost two years and for me to have somewhere to come to get clothes and certain things for myself... It's good because it's hard. It's a struggle out here," said Redmond.

Redmond is hoping to pick up toys for her 24 nieces and nephews. But the only thing she has on her wish list, is a bed.

And as soon as she got in, she grabbed the toys for her family and then looked for what was on her list. She got it.

Redmond says without the generosity of Homeless Angels, she wouldn't have a Christmas to celebrate. "It means a lot to me. Now I got a comfy bed I can lay in without the springs touching my shirt and stuff."

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.