Group celebrates animal control millage

Posted at 8:53 AM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 11:13:57-04

Jackson County might not be getting $11 million to put Animal Control officers back on the street without the efforts of a small group of volunteers.

We first told you about them earlier this year. FOX 47's Marcus Dash caught up with them after the millage passed.

They call themselves "Saving Innocent Souls" and they've been working the streets of Jackson County for the last eight months.

After last night they're hoping their animal efforts can take on a different role.

"I screamed, I cried, I was ecstatic, it was something we worked really hard for," said Jodi Brown.

While Jodi Brown patrolled Jackson County looking for strays. Her group was also working to get people behind the millage funding the County's Animal Control and Shelter.  Brown couldn't do this alone.

"We have worked with several organizations in Jackson and surrounding areas, and it was definitely a group effort," said Brown.

You might think the addition of three animal control officers would eliminate their group, but they think it's going to make them stronger.  Instead of being all over the place playing the role of animal control they can focus on other things.

"Our mission which has always been to educate owners, and help these neglected dogs that don't have the resources," said group member Kim Monica.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office has been dealing with the calls that would normally go to Animal Control.

The millage should free them up for other work as well.  The County expects the Animal Control officers to start next year. It's looking for qualified candidates now.