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Grand River Overflowing In Old Town

Posted: 8:23 AM, Feb 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-21 13:23:40Z

The Grand River is spilling on over into the start of the River Walk. As bad as it was there, it's even worse in some neighborhoods. FOX 47's Marcus Dash was there.

"We've seen up to 5 to 6 inches of water throughout a 2200 square foot space and everything in between so I would say there's a lot of wet basements out there," said Krieger.

This is just one of the house calls Zack Krieger is on today.

His employer, Ayers Basement Systems, has taken hundreds of calls from customers as the rain keeps coming down. The problem right now isn't the rivers, it's the ground.

"It's just like a hard sponge and as soon as that sponge becomes saturated that water starts coming in," said Krieger.

It's not just causing basement flooding, it's causing water to pool on the streets and hide potholes that can damage your car.

"What we are seeing on the roads is ponding of storm water, the volume of that is hitting on top of frozen ground, and the water is just sitting there," said Emergency Management Chief of Lansing Michael Tobin.

According to Tobin it wont be until Friday morning when you see the water rise on to the mainland, he says a reason for this is called a slow rising flood.

"Flooding water is what we are going to see Thursday and Friday where the rivers actually leave their banks and enter into the neighborhoods and cover streets," said Tobin.

At that point it's better to play it safe than to take a chance with what's beneath the water.

"Do not drive through it, just stay off the road, and detour around it," said Tobin.

The city has put out a list of sites around the city where heavy flooding is possible.