'What about us?' Salon owners propose plan to safely reopen

Posted at 10:28 AM, May 29, 2020

As businesses across Michigan begin to reopen, salons and barber shops are left saying, “What about us?”

The salons are now taking their future into their own hands, delivering to Governor Whitmer a eight-pillar plan to reopen safely .

"People want to feel normal again, go out and do things that they were used to doing: come into the spa, sit in the quiet room, relax," said Michelle Pezzato, owner of Woodhouse Day Spa in Grand Rapids.

"We've made accommodations for that," she said. "We've moved our chairs farther apart. We'll be cleaning at a much higher level than we already were. Spas and salons in general have very high hygiene and cleaning practices. Now we're just taking that up to the very next level."

The groups says a lot of research is behind the plan, which is modeled after plans in 26 other states, including Ohio, whose salons are currently open.

Here is the plan:

Pillar 1- Daily health screenings for workers, and documenting appointments by date, time, and name. This way if anyone is infected, the contact can be traced.
Pillar 2- Staggering the entry of customers.
Pillar 3 -Social distancing on the job site.
Pillar 4 - Cleaning of work clothing daily, eye protection for workers, and limiting items customers can bring into the shop.
Pillar 5- Constant disinfecting of work areas, and tools
Pillar 6- Workers and clients will be asked to wear masks.
Pillar 7- Should a client test positive for COVID-19, the salon will work with the local health department to identify any possible exposure from the salon.
Pillar 8- Facilities will undergo deep cleaning everyday when the shop closes.

FOX 17 reached out to the governors office for their thoughts on this proposal.

"We have received the plan and will review it," said a spokesperson with the governor's office.

"The governor’s office has heard from a variety of organizations and business owners who are looking forward to reopening, we’ll be working closely with stakeholders on how to most safely re-open when the time is right, based on the state’s top data and medical expertise."

Meanwhile, salons and barbershops insist that they’re ready to get back to work, and serve their clients safely but only only time will tell if the governor agrees.