Grand Ledge EMS crews deliver baby in parking lot

Posted: 8:14 PM, Jul 29, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-29 20:14:48-04

 A parking lot is not an ideal place to give birth. But you can't always be choosy when the baby decides it's time to the meet the world.

"Eaton county 9-1-1. Yeah, my wife is having a baby, we're on East Saginaw," said Jeff Boiesner to dispatch Wednesday, July 27.

An unexpected entrance, "I need you to pull over.," dispatch said to Boiesner. "Yup, I pulled over. Are you in the Ledges Auto Shop."

At the steps of Penny Aseltine and her family's Grand Ledge shop.

"The dad came running to the door saying can we have your address" Aseltine said, "We said what for and he says my wife is having a baby."

"I'm getting the ambulance, we need her to keep breathing," dispatch told Jeff Boiesner.

"I came out here and tried to calm her down," AJ O'Brien, Ledges' Auto Shop owner. "There was no calming her down because she knew the baby was coming."

The family tells News 10 that the original due date for the baby was July 30 but Wednesday, July 27 the baby was ready to enter the world.

"The ambulance should be there, do you see them? Yeah they're right here," said Eaton County dispatch.