Gov. Mike Pence holds rally at Capital Region International Airport

Posted: 5:56 AM, Nov 05, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-05 06:25:43-04

Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence spent his Friday morning in mid-Michigan.

Pence spoke to a crowd of over 100 people at Capital Region International Airport.

“It’s wheel to wheel coming out of the fourth turn here in Michigan, we’re going to hammer down straight to the checkered flag, and we’re going to bring home a great victory with your help,” said Pence.

Landing just after 10 a.m., Pence wasted no time making his final pitch to mid-Michigan.

“The truth is there are millions of Americans who know we can be stronger, more prosperous, and we can do it all in a way to honor our nation’s highest constitutional ideas,” said Pence. “That is going to take change and change comes when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States.”

Confident of a victory in Michigan, Pence off the bat criticized Hillary Clinton for her e-mail scandal and said that Americans have had enough.

“It’s Hillary Clinton's plan to continue the failed policies of the Obama administration that have weakened America’s place in the world and stifled America’s economy,” said Pence. “That is reason enough to reject her as the next president of the United States in this election.”

Discussing the first 100 days in office, Pence said the Trump administration will "drain the swamp" by bringing an end to government corruption and put the American people first.

“I think the American people know that we can have government as good as our people in Washington D.C. again, but it’s going to take real ethics reform and new leadership,” said Pence. “That comes when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.”

Congressman Tim Walberg was in attendance at Pence’s rally and hopes to see him as America’s next Vice President.

“This guy is the real deal, he understands what America is all about,” said Walberg. “He's lived the ideal, he's run through tough times and understands the way you win is keep working.”

Michigan has been a political target in recent weeks. Numerous candidates and their surrogates are making their final case in Michigan before you head to the polls.

And there's a reason behind it.

“It shows that Michigan is tightening,” said Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. “You don't waste your time, you don't make frivolous trips just for kicks, you do it for success and victory and that's why Pence is here today.”

Both Schuette and Walberg are urging Michigan Republicans to have their voice heard on Election Day.

“We'll do everything possible to make this country a great country which may mean being a member of the loyal opposition but we'll do everything to stop going in the wrong direction,” said Walberg.

It's been a long presidential campaign however both Schuette and Walberg are supporting their Republican colleagues through and through.

“The fact is I’m going to help our Republican candidates today, on Sunday, and keep at it,” said Schuette.

Governor Pence will be back in Michigan Saturday. He’ll hold a rally in West Michigan at the Park Theatre in Holland.