Get ready for a buggy summer

Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 07:15:10-04

The warm-up means you should be getting ready to see more mosquitoes and you may have to get used to the insects sticking around.

"They're just annoying, they're pests," said Amanda Capshaw.

Capshaw isn't looking forward to the summer swarms and trying to keep them away from her boys.

"We ride bikes and when you're out on your bike and you just hit a huge group of them," she added.

This year's mild winter means mosquitoes are already coming out. Add in the warm, rainy days of spring and it's the perfect conditions for bugs.

"If it stays wet and stays warm we'll certainly have a horrible mosquito season," said Michigan State University Entomologist Howard Russell.

Russell says the longer that weather lasts, the more bugs we'll see.

"We have several species of mosquitoes that as long as there is standing water they'll reproduce a new generation," he explained. "If it's real warm they can produce a new generation in as little as 10 days."

Standing water is the biggest breeding ground for mosquitoes and they can lay up to 300 eggs in just a bottle cap's worth of water.

"Then of course they can just multiply from there," said Michael Hoover, Co-Owner of Mosquito Squad.

Hoover is expecting his business to triple this summer compared to last year.

"Tip, toss, turn, tarp, and treat. Most of it is all about moving and getting water off of your property so it doesn't gather and mosquitoes don't have a chance to lay their eggs."

He says simple steps make the biggest difference, like removing standing water from things outside like garden hoses and dog bowls.

"If you have a toy out there and you got some water in it, a mosquito can land in there and you could probably have about 1,000 eggs in a container like that," Hoover explained about a toy pail.

But Capshaw knows some days you just can't beat them.

"Sometimes you just have to go inside because they're so bad," she said.

Bug experts say you'll see the most insects coming out once the temperatures are consistently above 50-degrees.

We're still in the clear when it comes to bees and wasps. They shouldn't be out till at least mid-May.