General Motors workers get big pay out

Posted at 7:13 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 11:09:32-05

Good news for General Motors workers and good news for mid-Michigan's economy. G.M. announced Tuesday it will be giving them record high profit-sharing checks of $12,000 each.

The company made a record pre-tax profit of $12 billion in North America last year. It will be giving more than $6 billion of it back to its workers.

Randy Freeman with the U.A.W. says it's rewarding to see G.M. do well, especially when it translates to more money for workers across the state.

""It's a proud moment in the UAW to see the--all the hard work that went into bargaining, all the hard work that people do, and the members do on the floor every day in their jobs, that it gets rewarded."

The checks will go out to 52,000 union workers.

Wall Street doesn't think 2017 will be as good for G.M.

The company's stock fell by almost five-percent Tuesday because analysts are worried about sales going down.