"Friends of Ormond Park" look to courts to stop road construction

Posted at 12:28 PM, Jul 10, 2017

UPDATE - 11:15 AM

Judge Jamo has signed a restraining order against the City of Lansing that was filed this morning by the "Friends of Ormond Park." The restraining order is expected to be at the mayor's office today.


A community group fighting the construction of a road through Lansing's Ormond Park is headed to court today,

A neighborhood group known as the "Friends of Ormond Park" tell us they are filing an emergency restraining order this morning to stop the road from being built and save the park.

This has been an ongoing fight between the neighborhood group and the city. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernerno says the road through Ormond Park would provide access to Groesbeck Golf Course.

It would come off Grand River and extend to the golf course. The mayorthinks a more visible entrance will help bring in more golfers. But neighbors are against it, saying the road will make the park unsafe for the children who play there.

The group filing the restraining order today to stop the project claim they have the law on their side. The "Friends of Ormond park" say Michigan parkland is protected unless it can be proven there is no feasible alternative.

Construction already has begun, trees have been taken down along with some play structures. The group says that all can be replaced but they have to take action now to put a halt to any further construction.