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Former Webberville volunteer coach on trial for sex crimes

Posted: 9:11 AM, May 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-18 10:38:17-04

A former small-town assistant basketball coach is on trial, accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

Thursday Kenneth Tennant's, wife, Kristina Tennant, took the stand Thursday. FOX 47's Alani Letang was in court.

Kristina Tennant told the court she was in disbelief when the two accusers told her their stories, back in October 2016.

Both of them played for her on the Webberville High School basketball team. The accusations go back more than a decade. However, it took years for them to come to light.

"I knew that something was bothering (her) she would often distance herself, I could tell that something was eating at her," said the boyfriend of one of the accusers.

The boyfriend of one of the accusers said she first told him in 2014 that she had sex with Kenneth Tennant seven years earlier.

"She looked up at me and said you want to know what's bothering me? and I said 'yes I do', she said that she had sex with Kenny when she was 14," the boyfriend said.

Mrs. Tennant testified that a second accuser told her Tennant touched her inappropriately and said things that made her uncomfortable.

When they two first came to her she said she was, "absolutely dumbfounded."

Mrs. Tennant talked with her husband the next morning.

"I was sick to my stomach. He sat there and I said what happened," Mrs. Tennant explained the conversation with her husband.

Mrs. Tennant told the jury her husband admitted making inappropriate comments to the second girl in the couple's bedroom while watching a movie with their other children one night.

"Through the conversation had said, 'what would you do'?" said Mrs. Tennant about what her husband told her about that night.

Mrs. Tennant said she told the Webberville athletic director what the girls said to her, shortly after learning the accusations.

He then called the police. She tried to step down as basketball coach, the next day after the girls told her, but the school district refused to accept her resignation.

"I expressed profuse apologies to the girls," said Mrs. Tennant.

Kenneth Tennant was not an assistant basketball coach at the time he's accused of misconduct. He started volunteering years later, and he is no longer with the team.

The trial continues Friday.