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Former MSU athletic director slams ESPN report

Posted at 8:50 AM, Feb 16, 2018

Former Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis is slamming an ESPN report about MSU's handling of sexual assaults within the football and basketball programs.

In an e-mail sent to athletic department staff on tuesday, hollis said there were, "inaccurate, incomplete and misleading statements made, and then reported by ESPN"

Hollis announced his retirement on January 26th, about two hours before ESPN published the story.

In the letter Hollis also thanked the athletic department staff, and reiterated that he will cooperate with all investigations in place.

That letter is available below:

"Athletic Department Staff,

Before too much time passed, I am reaching out to you to say thank you. Your efforts for Michigan State University and the athletic department are valued by many people. This is a time we must all pull together with a unified focus aimed at enhancing a healthy and safe campus. I am forever grateful for your personal efforts toward that common community goal.

There are challenges that must be faced and addressed. The voices of brave survivors and the echoes from a supportive MSU student body and campus community rightfully call for a culture of optimum safety and calmness. I am confident that you will continue to be part of positively enhancing this way of life.

As I stated in my retirement announcement, my commitment to cooperate and be transparent with all investigations is in place and it always has been. In doing this, I can state with certainty that there were inaccurate, incomplete and misleading statements made and then reported by ESPN.

Nancy and I made the decision to retire. While we love serving Spartans and will miss all of you on a daily basis, we have confidence in you and your ability to continue to strive for the highest values.

Thank you again for your personal commitment to the university, community and student-athletes. We are grateful for the impact you have on our family and all Spartans.

Mark Hollis"