Food drives feed Mid-Michigan families

Posted at 11:35 AM, Dec 04, 2016

Donators are filling up Eaton County Sheriff cars, vans and ambulances with food and warm clothing for those in need.

"We've got several food pantries in Eaton County and we fill them up,” Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said. “This time of season is great and people are very giving."

And just how much food can fit into an ambulance anyway?

"It's a considerable amount," Sheriff Reich said.

So considerable they have to make multiple trips. In total they donate huge amounts of goods to the local food banks.

"It's well over 2000 pounds," Sheriff Reich said.

Neil O’Brien is a donator who has already made two stops today. He's donated at least $60 worth of food.

"Well my little contribution is just a drop in the ocean,” Neil said. “But if everybody pitches in it helps a lot."

And while Eaton County is stuffing an ambulance, Jaycees of Lansing is stuffing an entire bus to help three families down on their luck.

"It's always amazing when we drop off the gifts for the families the smiles on the parents’ faces are amazing,” Jessi Adler of Lansing Jaycees said. “And the community goes over and above on what they're able to deliver and it's just fantastic."

The message of these events is that it doesn't take much to give- and if you do it's going to feed somebody or keep them warm through the winter.

"There's a lot of people who have needs and we have to decide how are we going to help people?” Neil said. “And everybody can do a little bit."

And every little bit adds up.