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Flu shot: Do you get it now or do you wait?

Posted: 9:03 AM, Aug 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-23 14:17:39Z

Flu shots in August?

Pharmacies are trying to convince us to get our vaccines earlier than usual, but that might not be necessary.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity is low across the country, but the health agency is expecting cases to rise this fall.

“At the urgent cares, we haven't seen any evidence of influenza coming through yet,” said Dr. Diane Mater from Sparrow Urgent Care.

“It's hard to say when that will happen. Last year it seemed a little later, but so far so good.”

All across Mid-Michigan, pharmacies and clinics are offering flu shots, but Mater is recommending for people to wait a few weeks before getting the flu vaccine.

Mater says getting vaccinated too early could leave you open to being exposed to the virus during the peak of the season because the medicine can start to wear off.

Currently, the CDC is reporting that new vaccines are being produced to ward off the virus ahead of the wave after last season's H2N3 strain proved to one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade.

“The last of the last season's was in April and early May and since then it's been pretty quiet,” Mater explains.

The CDC recommends flu shots for people 6 months and older before the end of October.