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Flooded roads strain business sales

Posted at 3:04 PM, Feb 24, 2018

OKEMOS, Mich. (WSYM) - Flooded roads are causing a headache for drivers in Mid-Michigan.

With the weekend ahead, that water could put a big dent in your plans.

One of the worst areas is Grand River and Okemos Road.

FOX 47's Cryss Walker shows us the floods are having an effect on businesses.

In Okemos it's hard getting where you need to be with road closures and streets that looks like streams and the waters are deep.

Shallow inches quickly rises to knee -deep levels, stalling out cars and shutting down roads.

Hilary Millet - Clark works in Okemos and says the flooding is an inconvenience.

“A lot of the roads, Park Lake areas were closed so I just had to do ... going through random neighborhoods and hoping I didn't get into someplace else that was flooded.

But the flooding didn't spoil happy hour for everyone.

“We decided to come today but it took a little while to get here because the re-routing traffic and everything”, said Leo’s patron Lanny Brunette.

Matt Farkas is the general manager at Leo's Spirit's and Grub.

The restaurant sits right at the corner

Of Grand River and Okemos Road, an intersection closed down and washed out with water.

Making it bad for business.

“Our sales are extremely slow compared to what we're used to, but we're dealing with it. It also affected us yesterday, all day Thursday”, said Farkas.

The flooding didn't stop some people from enjoying their Friday night.

“There's plenty of dry roads to take to get here so, like they said, go around don't drown. We don't need anybody getting stuck in the water,” said Craig Skhoczylas.

For now, many drivers are finding detours through parking lots at the nearby Meijer and Meridian Mall.