Fireworks ban decision to come Friday

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 19:55:15-04

We weren't allowed inside the secret meeting Thursday afternoon and what was discussed is going to remain confidential for now.

That's because we're expecting at least a little bit of rain Thursday night.

So, the chiefs are hoping to hold off on a decision until the last minute, which has some fireworks vendors nervous about sales.

Every Fourth of July Weekend, Boomer Ulman stocks up for his big show.

"I feel like we can put together a really nice display for everybody," he said.

This year, Ulman is headed up North with family and friends, away from the hot, dry conditions.

"We shoot right over a lake," Ulman explained. "We're 20-feet off the water."

A much safer alternative than potentially starting a fire on the hot, dry grass here in Mid-Michigan.

The conditions might result in a ban of fireworks shows and personal fireworks, which would be a hard hit for area fireworks vendors.

"Since we're just really small, the smallest of business people, what it means for us, is we could all be getting other jobs between here and next year, instead of trying to survive on what we can make during the season," Mike Crosby of The Fireworks Tent explained.

The Fireworks Ten houses over 450 varieties that Crosby will have to hold onto if he can't sell 'em.

"Fireworks, if stored properly can be saved for several years and still usable," he said.

Down the street, Tony Haddad hopes the City will set aside another weekend this summer when fireworks can be set off.

He explained, "If they would say like it's dry now, but we're gonna give you the opportunity to shoot 'em off in a couple weeks, that might be like a good way to go out."

But, John Hetzer with World Class Fireworks doesn't think people will wait.

"People want to celebrate the 4th of July, everyone's looking forward to it and I still see people igniting fireworks," he said.

So, he's hoping everyone is safe about it.

"Please take precautions - have a hose ready, have some water nearby, we want everybody to be safe," Hetzer said.

If a ban does go into effect, vendors suggest you get your fireworks now because they won't be open all summer.

The fire chiefs are expected to be at a press conference Friday in Meridian Township where they'll make the final decision on the fireworks shows across town, as well as those personal fireworks everyone likes to shoot off.

We'll be at the meeting and will have an update for you.