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Fire marshal sets fire to trailer to show effectiveness of sprinkler systems

Posted: 8:08 AM, Sep 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-13 12:08:03Z

Even though Fire Prevention Month isn't until October, the state fire marshal wanted to get the word out about the effectiveness of having a home fire sprinkler system.

An East Lansing a trailer was set up Wednesday night, with side-by-side rooms, to show what a difference it can make to have an in-home sprinkler system.

Both sides of the trailer had similar furniture, but one side had sprinklers and the other did not.

Crews set a small fire in both sides.

The side without sprinklers quickly became engulfed in flames and, after 3 minutes, crews put out the flames.

The fire on the side with sprinklers was put out in just 17 seconds, and there was minimal damage.

"We want people to understand they have options, when they build a home but also, I think you saw how quickly it put that fire out. That other fire in less than 3 minutes, imagine that in your house. That's your whole living room fully involved," said State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer.

Sehlmeyer says sprinklers are just one of the many things to consider to keep your home safe.

He also encourages people to check their smoke alarms regularly, replace the batteries every six months, and replace the alarm every 10 years.