Finishing roads before the school year begins

Posted at 8:23 AM, Aug 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-11 08:23:30-04

Paving and repairing concrete, leaving drivers of mid-Michigan to sit through traffic on US-127 from grand river avenue to I-496 for yet another weekend. fox 47's Marcus Dash caught up with Jerry Swift of M-DOT and he says they are moving as fast as possible.

"We are trying to get it done as soon as we can, we'll be here all weekend," said Jerry Swift.

Construction crews maybe working fast, but some East Lansing drivers say they aren't getting to work fast enough.

"It has just added a little bit of time on getting there and getting home."

"It definitely makes the commute a lot longer."

M-DOT tells me their goal is to have this project and a few other projects in the area done before the school years starts,
More specifically before the Michigan State football season starts.

"It's not safe for the motoring public, it's not safe for us to have all of this construction equipment, and lanes closed when we know we got a big influx of traffic going to be coming in," said Swift.

One East Lansing driver told me the quiet summers in East Lansing are nice, but this year is the first time in a while he is excited for the school year to start, so the roads can get back to normal.

"Traffic is bad enough as it is in the summer with the construction, but if they are able to complete it by the time school gets back in session, it should make things a lot easier around here."

While this does add time on the roads for some, drivers do see the positives of all of these projects going on.

"I am glad to see they are getting it done, because its a lot less wear and tear on my car."

M-DOT says not all of their projects will be done by the time the school year starts, but they will halt construction on MSU's move in days and during all home MSU football games.

M-DOT says construction on 127 will be finished by the end of next weekend.