Finally someone took out the trash

Posted: 9:45 AM, Jun 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-21 14:21:38Z

Leoni Township has finally taken out the trash that was left on the side of the road next to donation bins.

You may remember when FOX 47 first told you about this problem.

FOX 47 called the township and Wednesday night, that mess is cleaned up.

FOX 47's Marcus Dash says residents are happy, but some believe its a short-term fix. An outpouring of people reached out to News 10 about getting to the bottom of different sites in Jackson that had trash all over. One location at Watts Road and Eastern Michigan Avenue was finally cleaned up but leaves people who live in the area asking for a more permanent solution.

"My post that I posted yesterday, I've seen on everyone's Facebook pages, so it definitely got out there," said Dustin Gilson.

Dustin Gilson's intention of making these trash filled areas known wasn't to become a local hero.

He and others alike just want their city taken care of.

"Our goal is to clean up Jackson so it's not an eyesore when people come to town," said Gilson.

Even though the trash is gone Linda McKinnie fears it'll only be a matter of time before the garbage returns, because of that she says these bins need to be monitored.

"We need some sort of ordinance put on these bins. Either remove them permanently or put them in a police station. People wouldn't drop their garbage off there," said Linda McKinnie.

Even though the bins are for a good cause, Gilson says it's a shame people are taking advantage of them

"It is not a junk drop off it says clothes and shoes for the needy," said McKinnie.

McKinnie says when she sees the mess she has tried to reach out to the number on the bin.

"Every bin you see is overfilled everywhere they are and they don't answer when you call"

At the end of the day, Gilson wants everyone to do their part, and take pride in where they live.

"It looks bad enough with the garbage people throw out their windows, let's not pile it up," said Gilson.