Lansing schools bond vote today

Posted at 6:14 PM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 08:50:46-04

Before the Lansing community decides on Lansing School District's bond proposal, parents like Andy Kilpatrick have been working to get more support.

"A strong school district is important for parents to want to send their students there and in order for a district to be strong, the buildings have to be in good shape." Kilpatrick said. "It has to be a learning environment that is conducive to learning."

He has a son in the district and says parents are the best people to connect with to get the vote.

"Parents that have students in the building are the closest to this issue and so they probably have a unique perspective" said Kilpatrick. "Obviously every parent wants the best learning environment for their students."

The district has used commercials, door-to-door campaigns and phone banking but co-chair for the campaign, Jack Davis, says parents have had the loudest voices.

"In the neighborhoods, there's a lot of conversations going on and we find that that type of communication has been the most successful for us," Davis explains.

If passed, he says over 25 buildings in the district would see and feel the impact of the $120 million proposal.

The goal for the bond is improving education in the district, but also preparing students for after school.

"We're doing two things: upgrading the buildings generally, and secondly, trying to get the buildings lined up for career pathways and college education," Davis said.

They're hoping the community will support the proposal but if they don't, "then we'll go back and talk to the community and have them help us understand what they'd like to see different," said Superintendent Yvonne Caamul Canul.

The campaign will have volunteers canvassing Monday night and Tuesday to get homeowners to understand the purpose of the proposal.