Fender bender turns dangerous

PERRY, Mich. (WSYM) - What should have been a minor fender bender turned almost deadly last Friday.

Rebecca Cunningham was outside when she saw a truck roll through a stop sign and hit her trailer. She said when she confronted the driver, he started to act weird, and things escalated from there.

"You hear about these crazy accidents, but you never think its going to happen to someone you know," she said.

After the driver crashed into her work trailer, he stopped and offered to pay her if she didn't contact the police.

Rebecca's husband, Henry, informed the driver that he was calling 911. When the driver heard this, he got back into his truck and started driving away. Henry tried to stop him.

"My husband grabbed the door. And he started taking off with my husband hanging on and he just rounded the corner," she said. "I might cry at his point, and he let go. He fell and the truck's rear tire went over his head. All I could do was just start screaming."

Henry is now recovering from head trauma.

"I honestly don't remember anything from thinking I need to jump off or he's going to kill both of us trying to fling me off, to waking up in the ambulance," Henry said.

The Cunninghams say the man was driving a white, 2008, extended-cab Chevy-Silverado. They say he is in his 40-50s, about 6'2" and has a black beard with grey specks. Rebecca says she is still in disbelief about the entire situation.

"I'm so thankful he's still here. Anyone who gets their head run over... how can you still be walking and talking?" she said.

Both the Cunninghams are off work right now as Henry recovers and Rebecca works to replace or fix her work trailer.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Perry police.