Family Says Help Can't Come Fast Enough

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-17 19:39:21-05

Worried for her family and concerned about her hometown.

"The city of Flint has failed to protect my grand kids and that's a code of conduct to protect the children at all times" said Sheri Kirkland of Flint.

She and the rest of the City of Flint want answers and action. They believe they have been ignored for too long.

"This is not acceptable. We live in the United States. We're not in a third world country" Kirkland said.

The grandmother of three says she has to think twice before doing anything.

"Their juice, we mix with water. The teethe, you can't rinse off the teethe with that water" Kirkland said. "So everything is either from the bottled water or it's from those jugs of water."

Since 2014, the family has stopped using the Flint water.

"It has ruined our clothes. It has ruined the tub. The tub has rust around it" sighed Kirkland. During the holidays, they spent the weekend at a hotel in a different city, just so they could shower.

Every two weeks the Kirklands buy 8 gallons of water. Even though they have a filter from the city. A filter they say they can't trust.

"I feel that no one in the city of Flint or in our pipeline should be paying for this water to feed their children to watch their clothes" said Kirkland's son-in-law, J.C. Carradine.

If the water doesn't come in a bottle the family doesn't use it. And yet, they family has a growing water bill.

"How do they expect us to pay a shut off notice and we're buy bottled water" Kirkland said. "We can't afford to buy bottled water and pay a shut off notice for water we can't use."

The family owes $1,014.52 but refuse to pay for it.

They say they're grateful for the national attention the city is finally getting but what they really need is water.