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Family praying man missing in Lake Michigan is found

Posted at 9:34 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 21:34:33-05

Recovery efforts continue for a Muskegon man who went missing in Lake Michigan.

Authorities say 31-year-old Ramal Roby fell into the water Tuesday night near the water filtration plant on Beach Street.

Roby’s family was on the lakeshore Wednesday as crews continued their recovery efforts. His mother, Patricia Roby, said she had to summon the strength to bring herself there.

"Don't nobody know how I feel. I don't want nobody else to know how this feel,” Patricia Roby said.

Both Ramal Roby’s mother and aunt expressed a feeling of helplessness and disbelief.

"There's nothing you can do in this situation but give it to God and ask God to help because there's absolutely nothing you can do,” Patricia Roby said.

Belinda Aubrey, Ramal Roby’s aunt, said she is just hoping he is found.

"I just pray that he's found and brought out the water, and I just thank everybody that's out here helping. and just pray for my family,” Aubrey said. “I just ask for prayer that my nephew's found."