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Ex-Spartan sues MSU

Posted: 9:01 AM, May 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-23 11:11:24-04

Former Michigan State University football player Keith Mumphery is suing the school, claiming he was expelled from campus based on false allegations of sexual assault, and the decision to expel him has ruined his NFL career and chances of getting a graduate degree.

Mumphery filed the complaint Tuesday in federal court.

He was expelled from an MSU graduate studies program in 2016 for violating MSU's relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy.

Mumphery was accused of sexually assaulting a student in her dorm room in March of 2015. MSU initially cleared him of violating the policy, but later reversed that decision after his accuser appealed.

The woman reported the incident to police, but the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office declined to press charges.

Among the claims made in the lawsuit:

-"(Mumphery) is unable to play football professionally because of the specious charges and erroneous findings against him, having been cut by his employer, the Houston Texans, the day after a newspaper report in Houston questioned how the Texans could have hired a player who had been expelled from college for sexual assault."

-MSU's discipline is preventing Mumphery from finishing a graduate degree in communications. "(Mumphery) is barred from setting foot on Michigan State's campus until the beginning of 2019 and will likely be barred from admission to a graduate program at other universities as a result of his improper dismissal from Michigan State," the complaint reads.

-MSU denied Mumphery his right to due process, with repeated failures to give him proper notice of the proceedings, no proper hearings, cross examination, and sworn testimony. "The evidence that supposedly supported Jane Roe's false allegations was originally determined to exonerate (Mumphery)," it states. The lawsuit accuses MSU of re-interpreting the initial investigative report in the accuser's favor.

The lawsuit does not state how much money in damages Mumphery is seeking.