Ex-Reps. Courser, Gamrat sue Michigan

Posted: 8:44 AM, Aug 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-14 16:13:27Z

Two former state lawmakers who were ousted from the Michigan House of Representatives in 2015 have filed lawsuits against the state House.

The Detroit News reports Cindy Gamrat, who now goes by Cindy Bauer, claims she wasn't treated fairly when representatives investigated her and expelled her in 2015.

Her expulsion came after she admitted to misconduct and using public money to cover up an affair with Todd Course, a former state representative.

Gamrat filed the lawsuit in the Court of Claims last week. A separate federal lawsuit Gamrat filed after the 2015 political scandal was dismissed earlier this year.

Courser resigned shortly before Gamrat was expelled.

His filing last week alleges various violations of his constitutional and civil rights. The claim is the recording lawmakers used to investigate Courser and Gamrat "is not authentic and has been edited and modified," according to what Courser's lawyer told the Detroit News.

Courser filed a similar lawsuit in 2017, but later voluntarily withdrew the suit.