Everett High School marching band excited to perform at inauguration

Posted at 12:34 PM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 12:34:06-05

Music comes in front of politics for Lansing's Everett high school marching band. The band is headed to Washington DC to perform as part of Donald Trump's inauguration activities.

The school's band director sent in an application to perform in November after Trump won the election. The band was invited in December. But given all the division over the President-Elect, there have been negative comments from some who do not think the band should go. However, band members say its the opportunity of a lifetime.

Band director Penny Filonczuk says "there hasn't been any student that has said to me, I don't want to go because its Trump, not a single student." She says, "it is not about who is President but who we are as Americans." Band member Kira Ribet says the band is just excited to go. Ribet says "Well a lot of people are kind of offended cause they think we're supporting someone they don't like but you know we're really glad just to have an opportunity to go and play in front of so many people and to go to D.C. We get to sight-see, not only play, we get to see things we've never even seen before. Some people haven't even been out of the state so I think it's a good experience for everybody that's going."

Everett's marching band will perform at the Welcoming Concert at the Lincoln Memorial on January 19th. The band is currently trying to raise the $36,000 needed to cover travel expenses for the trip. So far, the band has raised about $10,000. Contact the high school to inquire about donations.