Elizabeth Smart sits down with Larry Nassar's survivors

Crime Watch Daily - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen special correspondent Elizabeth Smart shines a light on the women who helped put disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar behind bars, and sits down for exclusive interviews with six of his victims.

Larissa Boyce, likely the first person to ever report Nassar, details the pushback she encountered when she first reported Nassar’s abuse 21 years ago in 1997. Not only does Boyce say her coach Kathie Klages refused to believe her, but says she also began to internalize her abuse and started to believe that it was her own fault, saying, “I had to convince myself that I had a dirty mind.” In her first-ever television interview, Emma Ann Miller, possibly Nassar’s final victim, details how the predator was able to convince his patients that his treatments were medically necessary. “He was such a master manipulator. He really made you believe he cared about you,” said Miller.
This sentiment resonates with Smart, who herself was abducted from her home when she was 14, and reveals, “I know all about manipulation…my captors…both of them were huge manipulators.” Nassar’s survivors also blame the system that helped enable him for years. “They could have stopped it and they didn’t…They sponsored my assault,” said Morgan McCaul. In an emotional exchange about forgiveness, victim Christine Harrison reveals, “There’s nothing he could say to me for me to forgive him…people say forgive and forget. If I have to forgive him, sure, but I’m not going to be able to forget about it.”
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