East Lansing school district looking to protect undocumented students

Posted at 9:24 PM, Mar 06, 2017

Recent immigration raids around the country have East Lansing joining the list of school districts looking to protect students who are undocumented. the school board is drawing up a resolution to make sure administrators know what to do if immigration and customs enforcement show up at a school.

"I.C.E would be directed to the superintendent's office, and then at that time we would make sure we're handling everything legally,"Erin Graham, Vice-President of the East Lansing School Board said.

The resolution specifically said I.C.E Agents will not be allowed access to students unless it's been requested in advance and cleared through the administration.

It also said the district will work with its lawyers to minimize or eliminate any collection of student data related to their immigration status.

"They don't have to give us a birth certificate. There's other options. one of the options that could be in the policy is making sure that our students and family know that there are other options they can provide," Graham continued.