East Lansing Food Co-op closes , rebirth planned

Posted at 7:47 PM, Jan 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-28 19:47:48-05

East Lansing, Mich. (WSYM) - After 41 years, Lansing area's first locally-owned organic grocery store, the East Lansing Food Co-op (ELFCO) , closed its doors Saturday.

The co-op located at 4960 Northwind Drive, in East Lansing, has been opened since 1976.

"I am really sad the store is closing," says Alan Munn, ELFCO member.

Munn has shopped at the EFLCO since he moved to East Lansing 20 years ago.

He says he visited the store two to three times a week and is a member.

" It's sad to see the location with so many empty shelves ... people buying the last little bit," said Yelena Kalinsky, ELFCO board member.

And with just a few items remaining on the shelves, customers continued to shop one last time.

"It's sad," she said.

ELFCO member, Egypt Khron says she's disappointed, but isn't surprised since Whole Foods opened across the street in a more visible location.

The co-op has had to compete with not only American supermarket chain, Whole Foods, but Fresh Thyme Farmers Market located at 940 Trowbridge Road.

The store's closing marks the end of an era for people in East Lansing, but leaves hope for the future.

Kalinsky asks community members not to give up hope and to fill out a new survey online to give input on what they would like to see in the future for a new ELFCO.

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