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Drivers react to Waverly Road closure

Posted at 2:04 PM, Dec 06, 2018

The roadblocks are up at one of Ingham County's most troubled traffic spots.

It isn't in the heart of Lansing, it’s rather in the country at the intersection of Waverly and Columbia roads.

The fix to make it safer is going to take months.

FOX 47's Cryss Walker went to the area to talk with drivers about the detour.

South Waverly Road helps connect people from both sides of the Grand River.

It's an easy road to use to get from the rural areas and back to town.

But a new bridge at the Columbia intersection is putting a stop to the route.

“When I go to turn left on Columbia coming back here, I’ve known for a while now that you really can't see anything when somebody's coming from the other direction,” said Bethany Walter, who lives nearby.

Drivers say the issue stems from the new bridge.

They say the beams are blocking drivers from seeing oncoming traffic on Columbia Road when trying to turn from South Waverly.

“I have noticed, once you get up closer to the stop sign, it is more difficult to see who's coming, especially at night,” said Kaitlyn Spencer.

“I just think the railings were not really a necessary thing or maybe they should move the stop sign back so you can see who's coming.”

The Ingham County Road Commission closed South Waverly Road at Columbia after numerous accidents, including one fatality.

The department is planning to install a traffic signal with vehicle detection technology to make the intersection safer.

Some drivers say the closure is a hassle and a great inconvenience.

“Most people use that as a north, south connector to get to Columbia Road, which is the only road that crosses the Grand to get to M-99 and back and forth,” said Eaton Rapids resident William Reinke.

“Most of the concern is the length of time of the closure.”

South Waverly Road will remain closed until the new signal is installed.

The project is expected to be complete before spring.

Drivers are advised to use Curtice and Onondaga roads as a detour.