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Drivers happy about responsibility fee repeal

Posted at 6:55 AM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 07:02:57-04

There’ a new found freedom for thousands of Michigan drivers, now that the state's driver responsibility fees are officially eliminated.

Some drivers say they're saving money, feeling relief and happy to get back out on the road.

“I think it was something like $500”, Joseph Elenbaas told News 10’s Cryss Walker, as he recalled the time he had to pay the fee.

“I had a couple of tickets. That was pretty much all of the money I had saved up to get my driver’s license and I had to throw it at them.”

Monday that burden was lifted and many people waited in long lines to get their driver's license re-instated.

“I have 106 people ahead of me and I've already been here an hour”, Levi Davis said about his trip to the Secretary of State at the Frandor Plus Plaza in Lansing.

Earlier this year Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that eliminates all driver responsibility fees.

The DRF repeal clears almost $650 million in fines owed by over 350,000 drivers throughout the state.

Drivers who were required to pay the fee under the old law say told News 10, they wish a refund was a part of the deal.

“If they're gonna decide that it wasn't a good idea, and they shouldn't have been charging the money, then why don't they give people that money back”, said Elenbaas.

State officials say if your license was suspended because of the DRF law, the $125 reinstatement fee will be waived through December 31st.

At the start of the New year, drivers will be required to pay the reinstatement fee.