Driver in MMP crash to undergo mental exam

Posted: 8:28 AM, Dec 11, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-11 08:28:57-05

Appearing by video in court Thursday, 43-year-old Derrick Carter looked calm, as he listened to his defense attorney, Lyonel Woolley, ask that he be sent to the Forensic Center to undergo a mental examination.

"Given the circumstances of the case, what occurred, his mental state and his behavior at the time and subsequently to his arrest," Woolley explained.

He's talking about how Carter acted at his arraignment, just two days after he rammed his vehicle into the Mid-Michigan Physicians building twice.

Woolley told the judge Thursday that since then, Carter has been hospitalized and is now on medication.

"It's tragic, but we'll have to do our homework and find out what exactly happened," Woolley said.

Answers he hopes he'll get from the exam.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings told FOX 47 the exam will determine two things -- is he mentally competent right now to know what's going on? And two, at the time of the crash, was he insane?

"There are people who certainly were, you know, don't meet the standards of the insanity defense at the time they commit an offense, but maybe become incompetent to stand trial subsequent there to. So, that could happen," Dunnings explained.

He said it'll be up to the doctors. "I mean it's often hard to know if there's a real problem or somebody's acting the part, that's why we sent him to the Forensic Center."

Carter faces two charges of assault with intent to murder.

Three weeks later, both victims his vehicle hit are still in critical condition.

"The one victim was extraordinarily, seriously injured and we're very concerned, still very concerned," Dunnings said.

And, everyone is left with a number of questions.

Prosecutor Dunnings tells FOX 47 after looking at the whole incident, more charges may be added.

And, as a result, Mid-Michigan Physicians has taken several safety measures. Those include adding barricades to soft spots in the building, installing peepholes in certain doors, and stepping up staff training.