Douglas J looks to sell Okemos/Hamilton Rd property

Posted at 7:41 AM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 07:41:20-04

It's one of the most visible intersections in Meridian Township, and Township Treasurer Julie Brixie says it's not the nicest sight to see.

"It's really a very centrally located spot in the Township, a lot of people go by there on a daily basis and it really needs some updating," Brixie said.

Four years ago, Douglas J bought the property and planned to build apartments and a salon and spa, but it found out it needed to move electricity poles to make that happen, and the cost was too much to be worth it. "It's been very frustrating for the Township, and I imagine for the community and also probably for the property owners as well that nothing has happened on this site," Brixie said.

Now, Douglas J is prepared to sell it, it hopes to a developer who can realize at least part of the company's original vision. "We have a lot of small businesses in this area that are unique to Meridian Township and that's something that would be really nice to have down there, additional, unique businesses," Brixie said.

CBRE is helping Douglas J market the property, and says the company decided that redevelopment was just becoming too complicated, and it wanted to focus on its main business, salons and schools. "Douglas J is a very valued business in the community, we want to see them continue to do well here in Meridian Township," Brixie said.

The New Thai Kitchen is across the street from the vacant spot, and the owner says the area isn't busy. "Normally I hardly see anybody walking on Okemos road, really just in the morning a couple people just walking by," Chou Xiong said. She says redeveloping the property will bring more business to her restaurant.